I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years and during that time I have made a lot of  happy memories for folks of all ages.  I think I have photographed it all, just about.  Along the way I have been blessed to find a line of business that I can truly say I don't consider work.  I know that taking pictures is what I was put on earth to do.  Whether it's your one of a kind wedding, your family restaurant's food and history, or a beautiful home that's before me,  I promise to give you my all.


Photographs tell a story.  It's a story that never ends because pictures are passed down from generation to generation.  I want to be the photographer that everyone in the neighborhood brings their photos to because they won't consider anyone else.  I want to be an integral part of everyone's life on this great big ball of mud we call Earth.  I want to be around to see your family grow and change.  And one day I know I will pass away, but when I do, I want others to say, "It isn't fair.  He shouldn't have died."


Let your Journey to the altar begin with pictures from Lee Grantham Photography.  Let me hear your vows spoken in the language of love. Let me be with you when, surrounded by loving family and friends, you go from being each other, to being one.  And it will all be captured forever by a skilled photographer. 


And let's cook that food!  Your food. The food that only you were meant to cook when you came into this world.  What I'm talking about is food that has a whole culture behind it and says everything about who you are, as you pour your love into your family restaurant.  I promise I will immortalize your in dishes in stunning beauty. 


And for several years I have carefully, and professionally photographed homes.  I try to bring out the character of each home as I meticulously capture every detail.  When your clients see their home online, along with the prospective buyer, there will be no doubt in their minds that the home is beautifully and accurately portrayed.